Information COVID-19 – update 25.03.2020

Posted on 25. March 2020 · Posted in Allgemein

MPK Kemmer GmbH PCB Tools continues to strive to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the business process. The protection of our employees is of course a top priority.

We want to serve you as a customer as professionally and smoothly as possible, maintain the supply chain and meet the requirements of the legislator.


To reduce the risk of the COVID-19 virus, the working group introduced the following measures and tightened them where necessary:

  • In production, people work in shift times that start and end at different times to prevent employees from coming together.
  • If possible, employees work from home office.
  • Communication is limited to phone, email and messenger services. All departments work in isolation. Our recently introduced autonomous transport robot also helps here.
  • Compliance with strict hygiene regulations and protective measures by all employees.
  • Compliance with strict regulations when receiving goods from risk areas.
  • No further personal contact to customers or suppliers until further notice. Visitors are currently not being received except for necessary maintenance work.


Delivery situation:

  • The situation with the supply of raw, auxiliary and operating materials continues to be good and is secured for the near future.
  • Our partner Topoint continues to supply us without restrictions from Taiwan and the plant in China is almost back at a capacity of 100%. This should be achieved in the next few days. In order to take into account, the effects of the tight transport capacity situation from Asia, we are in constant and close contact with our long-standing carriers. We have adjusted the delivery quantities with the aim of increasing stocks.
  • The shipping department continues to work from Monday to Friday.
  • The border closures in Europe can currently lead to delays in the transport of our goods. Here, too, we are in close contact with the parcel services in order to always have a clear picture of the developments.



We are still available as usual and your normal contact person will be happy to help.

It is our goal to keep the effects of the COVID-19 crisis from our company and you as our valued customer. We will of course inform you about changes promptly.



Florian Kemmer                              Thomas Neuschl

Managing director                          Managing director